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About Us

Grand Flavour was started in 2004 by he likes of professional bodyboarders Ben Player, Dave Winchester and Chad Jackson. Things started the same as any budding clothing company would printing there own tees, stickers and hats produced with there own designs. The lack of clothing brands in the bodyboarding industry is what stemmed their interest along with their ever-growing imaginations and desire to wear what ever the hell they wanted.

That is where Grand Flavour first found it’s feet...

As well as collectivley directing the company the Bodyboarding World Tour was always the main thing on all their minds for the next 6 years. 

From 2007 until the winter of 2014 we used Indonesia as our manufacturing hub. In typical fashion timing all production trips with pending swells the brand was evolving as far as the beautiful city of Bali could take us.

Boosted by the added attention of Chad Jackson making the decision to drop off the tour and put all his time into the brand in 2010 it seems Grand Flavour was no longer a side project but a fully functioning company.

Moving forward, in the Spring of 2014 the final steps of producing collections out of China have been applied and have given us endless avenues to go down for creating and producing the exact ranges with the highest quality we have been working on since day one. 

Now things are getting really exciting..

Given everything you now know when it all boils down to it, we all share the one same desire to chase that white line, hop on a plane and eventually feel the salt on your skin.

Don’t loose sight of the big picture...