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Dave Winchester

Ive been riding a bodyboard for 15 years and its provided me with such a great life. Travelling travelling and more travelling is what it has allowed me to do. The experiences have been unforgettable and the friends I have made are for life.

I love riding the boogie, Its the best, but also enjoy riding a stick, my hobby is fishing, but I don't get to do it much, I used to drink coffee, then i quit and now i drink it again,I don't like it, I love it. no instant crap though.

I now find myself at the ripe old age of 29 with a beautiful wife Aimee and 2 young daughters Coco and Autumn. We now live a relaxed and healthy life up in the country town of Mullumbimby the north coast of NSW, well as relaxed as it can be with 2 kids.

Still the dream is to win a world title, I love the competition, although it can be frustrating. At the end of the day, I love what i do and will do as long as it lets me.



Chad Jackson

Growing up and raised in the isolated city of Perth you never know your worth until you hit the big bad world. I went to school in a rough area, then as soon as I finished moved to Margaret River to pursue my passion of bodyboarding.

We lived like kings down there with not a cent to our name which was the way we liked it, no money meant no responsibility. At the age of 22 though I had grown out of the town and made my way on Australian Tours, World Tours and on what some would call ground breaking trips to waves which needed jet skis to be ridden. This is where I found my calling card. From then until now I have been in hot pursuit of this brand of excitement and as long as those waves still break I can't see myself not being there. 

My real passion though is what lies within these trips. It's the type of adventure im into and find nothing but comfort in sinking my feet into some dark red dirt and having the smell of camp fire attached to me for weeks on end.



Jared Houston

I stem from incredibly humble beginnings as a "Plaas Kind" (farm boy) , raised on a Wine farm 1 hour outside of Cape Town in South Africa. By the time I was a pubeless 13 year old, my parents grew tired of my persistent whinging to go to the beach and we moved seaward, to the northern most suburb of Cape Town known to those who dare to tread there as "The View".

My lust for salt was far stronger than that for girls, parties and other such things that can cloud a young mind and I found success on the club, state and eventually national scene before taking my moral act international at age 19.

I am still that same plaas kind , but I wont deny being led astray by uncultured individuals at some stage. Luckily for me I managed to keep my nice guy appeal and my boyish good looks have garnered me some very supportive, money-thirsty sponsors who im incredibly proud to represent as a professional bodyboader in 2011 and beyond!



Cade Sharp

Lived on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland my whole life. As a youngster i was pretty chubby with a skin head and buck teeth playing A.F.L for 10 yrs.

As i hit high school i got into surfing and sorted things out a bit, got some braces, lost some weight and started boogin. I was the biggest Rawllins groupie there was. I quit school in year 11 to chase my bodyboarding dream.

Traveled quite alot but have always lived at home with the parents. I have always been pretty easy going and enjoyed the partying side of things alot. I wouldn't change a thing about my youth growing up! there were always parties and good waves with good people. I feel now though as im nearly 23 that i want to ease up on the partying and be fit and healthy to prepare myself for comps and getting into bigger waves.



Lewy Finnegan

I was born in Perth and have lived in the same house here all my life which has been pretty sick. My brother and his friends who are 4 years older than me got me into bodyboarding when i was about 9 or 10 and i was competing when i was 11.

Ever since then i have been competing in State titles and Nationals every year and i'm now starting to try a few aussie tour events. Although competing is pretty fun and helpful in progressing in bodyboarding i find myself having more fun trying to get good waves with all my mates. We always have such good times even if we get shocking waves which always makes it worth the drive.

I've also been travelling a little bit overseas in the last 2 years which has been epic! i'd definately want to try and travel all around the world to get some diiferent waves! I pretty much plan to continue bodyboarding for as long as my body lets me and hopefully move away from home and live with my mates somewhere like Margaret River one day!



Charlie Holt

I was born at England and at the age of 3 moved over to Australia. We moved around a lot but finally ended up at a little town called Port Macquarie which is were I first started going to school.

I started School and about the age of 8 I got my first Bodyboard and from there on I started bodyboarding. Surfing around port was good as a kid because of such consistent waves.So I was surfing a lot and missing a lot of school because of it ha-ha.

Now I am surfing breakwall, traveling up and down the coast, overseas and working a bit saving for those trips.Leaving school to try and pursue a career in bodyboarding was pretty crazy and I hope it works out.



James Nymeyer

I reside in a small town just outside of Newcastle. One of my good mates got me hooked on bodyboarding when I was about 14 and I have never looked back since. Bodyboarding brings me more pure enjoyment then any other sport and I have gained some incredible friends along the way.

One of my favourite things to do is to travel and bodyboarding has alowed me to see parts of the world that have opened my eyes and made me appreciate everything I have. There is no money in bodyboarding and everyone is driven by passion alone and that's what I admire, those last minute low budget trips just to score some empty perfect waves.

For me bodyboarding is everything. Every other aspect of my life seems to flow better when I have been in the ocean. I loe every part of bodyboarding. For example I enjoy being fit and bodyboarding gives me that incentive to want to be at my optimal fitness.

I have intensions to bodyboard as long as I can, my mum says the salt water has brainwashed me and made me crazy about the ocen, I think she is right!




Harley Ward

live in Tasmania. I spent the first 10 years of my life in a country town called Cygnet where the closest surf beach is about a 2 hour drive away. We lived right by a river and were always swimming and fishing, we then moved to Carlton beach where my older brother Charles started getting into surfing and bodyboarding.

I would only go sometimes in summer as I found the water too cold the remainder of the time and preferred to go skateboarding. It wasn't until I was 13 that I really started getting into bodyboarding.

Now days it is my life, I love competing chasing slabs at home and travelling around Australia and overseas scoring good waves. When I am not surfing I like hanging out with mates, skating, partying and working to save for that next trip.




Liam Glass

I was born and raised on the south coast of New South Wales, live in a small fishing town called Ulladulla, travelled to Bali every year for the first 13 years of my life and now I have the travel bug and want to explore every coastline I possibly can.

I started out as a stand up surfer cause my father shapes surfboards but it was not right for me and I picked up a bodyboard and quickly fell in love with the sport. Several years later now frsh out of school and chasing the sport as much as possible with the low income of a KFC cook.

Looking forward to travelling to the desert and findingthose glorious waves we all see in South Oz.