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António Cardoso on Grand Flavour

Posted on by Grand Flavour
The Portuguese highest-rated bodyboarder in the world tour just signed with yours truely, Grand Flavour. Seen as one of the most recognized brands in the media of Bodyboarding worldwide and are glad to introduce Antonio Cardoso as a new team member.
Antonio Cardoso is now included on the large team of professional athletes as Lewy Finnegan, Tanner McDaniel, Dave Winchester, Chad Jackson, Cade Sharp, James Nymeyer, Charlie Holt and Harley Ward.
Grand Flavour now joins the other athlete sponsorships of Antonio Cardoso: PRIDE Bodyboard’s North Beach WAVE Wetsuits, New Wave Store and G-shock Portugal.
Instagram – @tocardosoo
Pic: Helio Antonio Photography

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Lewy Finnegan’s clip for 2015

Posted on by Grand Flavour

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Your Strike Mission Essentials

Posted on by Grand Flavour

We are smack bam in the middle of the season where the 1-2 day strike missions will be taking place at the drop of a hat. If your not prepared, there are a number of things that can wrong and leave your trip in tatters but we are here to show you how to do it right. Firstly below we have supplied a small number of things that can tightly fit into a small backpack and keep you in good stead with your car mates before the trip even starts. No one likes the guy who brings along a giant bag bursting at the seams with ridiculous crap you won’t even need taking up valuable space in your ride. As you can see there is a fairly dark colour scheme which will keep you from looking like the dirty guy on the trip. The darker the clothes the less dirt you can see on them, so no matter how bad you smell at the end you can always blame it on the grub beside you who looks like he hasn’t washed in weeks. Lets go over the the essentials…

Coasting Jacket Black– This one item will have everybody else in the car begging to wear it. Who evers turn it is to fill up will be all over you suggesting, “just 5 minutes while I fill the tank”, don’t fall for it what ever you do or you will never see it again.

Flying Solo Crew Black– I see this crew as a great second layer for underneath your Coasting Jacket. Light weight terry fleece and a cool world pattern your proud to let the jacket fly open for all eyes to see. Great for the mid morning feed when your starting to warm up also.

Bandito Zip Hood– A great heavy hood for when your sparking up the bbq after a long day. You also have the option to crack open the zip if your feeling the heat from the 25 snags sizzling on the hot plate.

Civilian Pant Black Acid– Your staple day time pant with the option to slide the elastic cuff up to your knee if things start to get toasty. Handy drop crotch for airing out the figs too.

Live Fast Pant Jet Black– A warmer fitted pant you will need if you run into any nasty weather but can also be used for a comfortable sleeping pant if your accommodation lacks heating. Built for comfort but designed for style so you won’t get caught out wearing some saggy trackies.

Eclipse Tee Black– Specifically black to keep from looking like a grot while also subtilely working with the rest of your ensemble.

Pizza Tee Navy Acid– A splash of colour to brighten things up with a classic logo that everyone can get a kick out of.

Found Interval 15 Backpack– A tidy on the go backpack to comfortably store your belongings in while keeping car space to a maximum.

Del Mesa Shoes– A sturdy suede shoe you know won’t come to a blowout at the end of the day. Slip on and off with ease for when you want to be first in the line up. Dressing up your outfit with not over dressing it.

Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale– Imagine everyone face when your friends roll in to pick you up and you have this bad boy hoisted on your shoulder. Instant favourite of the trip and when you and your friends take their first sip that evening it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Fuji X100– Great little point and shoot camera to capture all the memories along the way and make sure you have hard evidence of your friends misfortunes.

Otis Nowhere to Run– Always shade the eyes unless you want to return from your trip looking like a half baked cheech and chong.

Apple Earbuds– Come with basically every iPhone and a stable way to clock out from the rest of the crew.

So next time your on a strike mission to your favourite location keep a few of these things in mind and no matter the outcome yo will always come home with a smile on your face…


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Say Hi to George!!!

Posted on by Grand Flavour

Would you all please be upstanding for the newest member of the GF massive George Humphrey’s… This kid has built up a lot of momentum lately and is no doubt one of the brightest young prospects for Australian bodyboarding. With a good head on his shoulders and the ability to do everything from competition to free surf in 1ft to 20ft he has the appeal and is a perfect fit for Grand Flavour with the rest of our over achievers.

GF: Congratulations Georgey, how does it feel to be on the most elite team in bodyboarding?

GH: I’m stoked! I never thought growing up that I would even be sponsored let alone riding for GF the biggest clothing brand in bodyboarding.

GF: Who’s your favourite GF rider and why?

GH: I would have to say Winny because I’ve looked up to him all though my younger days watching tension and he’s still ripping harder then ever.

GF: Now that both you and Lewy are riding for GF will there be a courtesy call when ever you guys are hanging out to make sure your not rocking the same outfits?

GH: Haha, I hope so. We need to make some sort of roster which says who wears what on what days.

GF: Whats your plans for 2015?

GH: Nothing too big planned yet, maybe Hawaii at the start of Feb but other then that just trying to get photos and footage. Ill be working on a few clips while chasing big swells and do all of the Aussie tour events.

GF: Awesome buddy welcome to the dream team….

GH: Yew

All Photos Chris Gurney

GUR_0131 GUR_7948 GUR_8617


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Triple Out

Posted on by Grand Flavour

Stoney, Jerry and Cade all dropped bangin clips today. Makes for an entertaining night in…




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Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2014

Posted on by Grand Flavour

Dave Winchester absolutely ripped apart the Jeff Wilcox Memorial this year an event Grand Flavour has supported for many years. He even stuck around afterwards to award the GF packs to all the junior finalists.

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Jared Houston Exclusive

Posted on by Grand Flavour
Congrats brother, What were the waves like for the final and how did it feel when those final seconds were ticking down being in the lead?
Thanks mate, so stoked. The waves were pretty bad. Closing out, rippy and onshore haha. Luckily enough there were a couple of right and left bowls if you looked hard enough. I was shitting myself waiting for that buzzer to go. 6.6 is nothing for Pierre, so I was nervous that he’d get it the whole time. The universe was on my side and he didn’t. It was the best, most surreal feeling ever.
How have you been celebrating?
I had a few swigs of champagne and went home to call Natasha who was absolutely ecstatic. That was the best part for sure, also seeing my parents so happy. It really makes it. After that I headed on down to one of the little beach bars for a few quiet beers with Iain Campbell and the fellas, relaxed and nice – just they way I hoped it would be!
What was your preparation leading up to the event?
Natasha and I were running 3 times a week and she was training my core pretty good too, I reckon the extra fitness I felt coming into the event definitely paid off, other than that, I was rabid to surf. I hadn’t surfed waves over 1ft in 2 weeks prior to the comp!
Do you think living in Puerto Rico has been a positive to your surfing?
Its definitely had its positives, for one I’ve improved heaps on lefts and for two I often surf bad waves because its so warm so I’ve become a lot more agile out in the small stuff too. Another thing is that because its so isolated in terms of coverage, I really feel I can work on my flaws while i’m there. So yeah, its definitely been helpful!
Do you think living closer to most of the events now and cutting down on travel time makes things easier?
For sure, its so good arriving to events knowing i’m not staring down 1 month away from my family. The way I do it now is just to arrive, do what I have to do and go home. I feel its more productive
Your now number 1 in the world, does that make the next event in Chile all the more exciting?
So pumped on that, I’ve been second before but never first – so strange. Yeah this event and subsequent ranking has definitely got me really pumped up for Chile. I can’t wait to get there and get some big pits!
How has life been since the birth of your new baby Poe and how is family life?
Life has been the best ever, how good is being a dad? I am loving my new family, they are everything to me. Poe is 6 months old already and crawling around so its so much fun! She is epic!
Living in Puerto Rico how will you be climatising for the cold waters of El Gringo Chile?
I’ll be taking a couple ice baths haha. Nah bru I was born and raised in the cold waters of the Southern Atlantic , so I feel right at home out at El Gringo in terms of water temp, its those bloody rocks that get me! I’m looking really forward to donning a steamer again, I love them.
You have been lucky enough to check out the latest Grand Flavour Spring and Summer Collections, what’s your thoughts on them?
Bru that new range is nuts. I love the thought that goes into each GF range. The cuts, styles and prints in the new range are the best yet and I can’t wait to get my sweaty paws on them!
Thanks for your time and looking forward to seeing you compete in Chile.
10570238_674517645971423_1824802036_npic: Pedro Berg

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Thats What I like About Sharpy

Posted on by Grand Flavour

An absolute ball tearing clip of Cade Sharp coming live a direct to your eyeballs….

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Posted on by Grand Flavour

Another instalment from the high octane life which is Jake Stone’s. For all his previous clips hit jakestone.com.au but for now sit back relax and be envious….

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Lewy Finnegan

Posted on by Grand Flavour

You will not see a better clip this year….


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